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One Secret to Getting from Point (A) to (Z) is Spelled A-m-a-Z-o-n

I didn't start selling Jackie's Cookie Babies on Amazon because it was profitable (which it is). I didn't start selling them on Amazon because it was cool to say, "we're on Amazon" (which it is).  I started selling my cookies on Amazon because someone from Inverness, Florida wanted to buy them. Then someone from Savannah, Georgia and Liberty Township, Ohio did too! The list went on. 

Modesto, CA - West Hollywood, CA - Beverly Hills, FL - Detroit, MI - Nantucket, MA - Lake Jackson, TX - Jacksonville, FL - Northville, MI - Salem, MA - Olsburg, KS - Claymont, DE - Desoto, TX - El Dorado Hills, CA - Portland, OR - Salt Lake City, UT - West Lafayette, IN. - Clinton, NY - Papillon, NE - Tampa, FL - Orlando, FL

Some local, and others not nearly local at all. The list went on. Literally.

Bethesda, MD - Fresno, TX - Winter Haven, FL - Garden, Grove, CA - Macon, GA - Philadelphia, PA - San Francisco, CA - Franklinville, NJ - Fayetteville, AR - El Paso, TX - Solvang, CA - Orangeburg, SC - Matthews, NC - Denver, CO - Topeka, KS - Bellingham, WA - Brodhead, WI - Colorado Springs, CO - Greenley, CO - Lindenhurst, NY 

The infrastructure, not to mention the crazy high shipping and packaging costs, needed to service the growing demand, was really suffocating us. So I turned to the experts with whom I had a personal experience since they somehow magically manage to get me paper towels, a sweater, an Alexa and Halloween decorations, all in what seems like an instant.  Amazon.

At first, it was just a test. A gamble of a little time. Would this work? Would this accomplish what I needed? Was it as easy to sell on Amazon as it was to buy? Well, as with everything else Amazon does, the test didn't take long. We started selling one item. People ordered. We added another item. They ordered that too. Then a few more. Fast forward six months and our Amazon sales grew 10x and even better, we were getting orders from every nook and cranny of the country!

Tonawanda, NY - Costa Mesa, CA - Sacramento, CA - Brunswick, ME - Mission Viejo, CA - Stow, MA - Melbourne, FL - Stony Brook, NY - Sandy Springs, GA - Addison, IL - Staten Island, NY - Port Richey, FL - Kent, WA - Hyde Park, NY. - Minneapolis, MN - Pittsburgh, PA - Brinnon, WA - Hanover, NH - Arlington, VA - Clifton, NJ - Malibu, CA

And the list goes on. Literally.

Thanks, Amazon!

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