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Updated: Apr 3, 2019

When I decided to launch my website,, it hadn't crossed my mind that I would need some answers to questions people were going to ask. My ignorance however did not change the fact that the questions would in fact come, fast. So I've grabbed some of the ones I've gotten so far, listed them here, along with my best attempt at the answers. Here goes :-)

Q. What is RGal's Kitchen?

A. My personal brand. My pet project. A place to funnel some of my ideas and passions. Of my waking work moments, I've been doing cookies 24/7 for a long time. I've cut back. Now I do cookies 23/7. The other hours land here.

Q. Why that name? Why "RGal's Kitchen"?

A. The "RGal" part is of course pieces of my name put together. The "Kitchen" is because it's a focal point in my home. It's where we all meet, by design or default. It's where things are discussed. It's where things happen. Oh, and the other thing about "RGal" is that I like how it sort of sounds like, "our gal", as in "she's our gal". So yes, if you tell someone about and what they heard is well that will work too :-)

Maybe a little silly, but I like it.

Q. Does everything have to do with or take place in the kitchen?

A. So far, most of the things I have been working on are centered in the kitchen. But not everything. And as things evolve, I have some ideas that will get me not only out of the kitchen, but even out of the house.

Q. Is this part of your company, Jackie's Cookie Connection?

A. No, but both are a part of me, so I guess they're related like cousins. Kinda.

Q. Is this a TV show?

A. My kids tell me I have no idea what TV even is any more. Is it that rectangular thing hanging on the wall? Is it my phone when I watch YouTube? Is it YouTube itself? Is it Netflix? Hulu? Is AppleTV the new TV? Beats me. So I'm not sure if what I am making is "TV". I'm definitely doing some stuff that is being recorded digitally, stored in the cloud, and available for you to watch where and however you do that.

Q. Some people said they've taken cooking classes with you. Is that also part of RGal's Kitchen?

A. Yes! It started with wanting to do classes for kids. I absolutely love kids and I know how challenging it can be for parents to find cool stuff to do with the kids all the time. I created a series of classes that parents can use as a go-to, guaranteed fun thing. What's even better is that the kids come back with practical skills (although next time you take them shopping, don't be surprised if they have a strong opinion about which potatoes they want you to buy). Now I'm doing classes to give moms (or just gals over 21) a place to get out, get together with some ladies, cook, drink, chat, serve ourselves dinner, and maybe learn a recipe or two in the kitchen. I also just added a couples night out, where couples get together, cook, eat and enjoy some spirited conversation. I love teaching, learning, hosting ... all of it! More to come :-)

full class listing here

Q. Single mom, two kids, running a business ... how do you have time for this?

A. Some people find time. Time finds me. There comes to me these moments when I just want to do something. I think of something. I was tired of saying things like, "I wish I could share this with someone" and not actually share it with someone.

Q. Is it all about cooking?

A. It started as some cooking videos. Then it was about fun projects with the kids. Then it was about the road of running a business, being a single mom, suffering and recovering, and just stuff. So no, it's not all about cooking. It's about happy. It's about living. It's about loving doing. Or maybe I am not really sure yet what it's about.

Q. How do I keep up with new content you're posting?

A. On my website there is s sign up form on the bottom of each page. Sign up and I'll keep you in the know. Also PLEASE subscribe to my YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook ... you know the drill ;-)

Q. Are all of the videos made in advance or do you do any live streaming?

A. So far they've been made in advance. But the live streaming is coming soon. And It's pretty much scaring the cr*p outta me.

Thanks for all the great questions. Keep asking and I'll try to keep answering.



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