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Here's that short post I promised you :-)

I tend to write about work. It seems that's an occupational hazard of running your own business. It's often all consuming, or so I think. Lately even more so. Felt like a good time to take a step back and if only for a moment, say thanks.

In a year that's had its fair share of rough patches, I'm not just still here. I am here, with my health, the health and love of my family, and the opportunity to love and to give to those around me.

I'm thankful for whatever forces of nature have given the strength to my still young children to have come through the sudden loss of their dad. I watch them in amazement, as they live their days, navigating school, friends, emotions, desires and even first dates.

Beyond that borne of me or me of them, also my days and nights are embraced in an unconditional love for which I am overwhelmingly thankful. 

To contribute, to love, to hope, to dream. To be. Sometimes, no always, it is the simplest of things.

The world continues to prove to me that putting good things out there - giving and sharing, loving and caring - always find their way back. 

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